Still being in the business phase of my apprenticeship, I found a seat today in the marketing department. It is nice to be in a non-tech team for a change and observe their way of working. Different goals, different approaches and scopes on the same product. I like it because I also worked a little bit as a student on this field, by trying to raise attraction on my websites, creating the content and giving identity to the businesses, running campaigns, coming up with my own funny banners and catchy posts - good old times… Well, short day because of side-effects brought me to writing a short post.

My JavaScript status in HC

I keep mixing JavaScript in my daily routine because of our daily katas, but in general I am staying away from it. Irrelevant fact, but I had the same thing with GoT; everybody has watched it and I have never watched it intentionally. So, as many many people do JavaScript, although I always find a way around to work with it, I intentionally don’t focus on it. This is so against my personality - I am always open and especially when there is no sensible reason to be against something.
Scala has always had some mystery for me and has been an exciting challenge - I really don’t know if these are sensible reasons to love Scala… Most probably I will come back to this until the end of the apprenticeship… Maybe I will have watched GoT as well by then, who knows?

Proof of my knowledge on Nix

Fast nix. I know I promised a hands-on nix post, but I had to give some time to the theory today. I will have more insights and help on the topic soon to put all the theory in one good example. Seems that I have underestimated this little devil because of its short documentation, but going through the Nix Pills takes me step by step closer to my next learnings.

Song of the day